These machines pull a large amount of air through them filtering out dust and toxins during remodelingResidential remodeling is a very unique kind of construction. That is because we don’t work on a job site; we work in homes. Though that difference is not fully appreciated by all remodelers, it is key for us. The first place this difference shows up is in design. Most remodeling projects happen in a home that people have lived in for some time.  They have developed a very distinctive relationship with their home.  To get a sense of this, think back to the first time you walked into your home and the perception you had of the space. It was likely very different than what you feel now when you walk into your home.

That relationship is the primary reason why remodeling was our first line of business and remains our focal point.  We start out the design process by asking questions about the relationship a family has with their home. This means finding out what they love before asking about what they want to change.

Of course, another important distinction in working in a home, as opposed to working on a job site, is general respect.  For example, we do not tolerate cussing or raised voices in the homes that we work in. And cleanliness is key. Most jobs sites are muddy and messy.  That is not acceptable in a family’s home.  In addition to dust walls and floor protection, we also use air scrubbers like the one pictured here. These machines pull a large amount of air through them filtering out dust and toxins. This make a rather large difference in how much dust migrates to the rest of the house and how safe the home remains.

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