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Stearns Design Build has four core values: 1) Quality, 2) Caring, 3) Honesty and 4) Relationship.  This quarter we focus our attentions to our core value CARING.  Some may ask why a business cares about being caring.  Oxforddictionary.com says that the definition of caring is “displaying kindness and concern for others”.  At Stearns, we feel like caring goes much further than that. We believe in our core values and it is apparent through the Team we have at Stearns Design Build.  Not only does our team care about our clients, they care about one another.  This authentic caring culture is evident throughout the office and out in the field. While they all serve separate functions to the organization as a whole, the Stearns Design Build team works together as a cohesive team.

This caring culture at Stearns Design Build has a positive effect on our clients, vendors/suppliers and anyone else that the staff come in contact with.  Fortunate for us, this does not go unnoticed by our clients. One client says, “The SDB staff is its strongest asset. They are knowledgeable and courteous. They have a way of making you feel like their most important customer. They know their jobs and they perform them well. “Do you think it’s important to have a caring culture in the workplace?