Many of the employees of the Stearns Design Build Team has been affected by cancer in some form. For this reason, Stearns Design Build will be participating in No-Shave November.

As the team, Stearns Design Build A Beard, our goal is to raise money and create awareness.  As part of our fundraising efforts, Stearns Design will be matching the total donations received up to $1,000. According to No-Shave.org, “Every dollar raised brings us one step closer in our efforts to fund cancer research and education, help prevent the disease, and aid those fighting the battle”.

Throughout the month of November, our staff will be sharing their testimony of why this fundraising effort means so much to them. How has cancer touched your life?

Let it Grow and Join the Fight Against Cancer!

My step-dad of 26 years became very ill suddenly after being one of the strongest men I had ever known. I watched him suffer and be put through countless, often painful tests at the hospital; to no avail. After several weeks of no answers and watching his health deteriorate, the family was brought in. We made the very difficult decision to take him home and call Hospice in. Consequently, he was gone within a week. It wasn’t until after he passed away, a year ago in April, that it was determined that he had cancer. With more money available for research, education and prevention there could possibly have been the answers that we all so desperately wanted.  No-shave November reminds me of this very difficult time in my family’s life but it also gives me hope for answers for someone else’s loved one.  –   Sheila Lukes, Sales & Marketing Director of Stearns Design Build

In 2003… her first mammogram, at the age of 40, my Mom was diagnosed with stage 3B Breast Cancer.  She did several months of chemo treatment and several weeks of radiation. The one thing that was always amazing to me was that she found a way to keep a smile on her face throughout all of it…she’s my hero!  This diagnosis was a shock to my family, as we had no family history of breast cancer.  About a year later, my grandmother was diagnosed with rectal cancer.  Another 2 years went by and my mom’s little sister was also diagnosed with breast cancer…we went from no family history to a lot of family history! Watching all of these women in my family suffer as they went through treatment was one of the hardest things I’ve done!  After my aunt was diagnosed, we decided to have the BRCA1 genetic testing done and found out that my family does carry the gene that causes breast cancer.  I now have 2 daughters of my own and my family is fighting to help find a cure so that my baby girls don’t have to suffer! No Shave November is a great reminder that there are so many types of cancer for us to be fighting for…..can’t wait for the day they find a cure!! Many of us at Stearns Design Build have been effected by different cancers, personally I’m fighting to SAVE SECOND BASE!!  – Channing Chernosky –Chaos Calmer at Stearns Design Build