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In terms of carpentry, decks are relatively simple. However, that does not mean than anyone should build a deck.  We see a lot of poorly built decks, many of which create a good deal of damage even beyond the deck itself.  We have all heard of those tragic events of a deck or balcony failing, leading to death. Some of the more common mistakes we see are poor design, improper connection to the house, undersized framing, improperly built and unsafe railings, failure to properly flash and unsafe stairs.  At the very least, these can reduce the durability of the deck. They can also lead to serious injury, lawsuits and damage to the structure of the home.

None of this is to discourage the experience of the the do-it-yourselfer from taking on a deck project.  Yet, it is strongly encouraged to do the research necessary to build the project properly. And, of course, if you would like a beautifully designed, safe and long-lasting deck, we would be happy to help you.

Yes, we do more than Kitchens, Baths and Additions. Through the twenty plus years we have been in business we have designed and built many decks. Founder, Hugh Stearns’ first job in construction was building decks when he was 15-years-old. There is a host of materials to consider for your deck.

The design of a deck should fit the style of the home and provide an invitation outdoors.  In addition, the design should consider existing landscaping and site orientation. Also, it should consider the most frequent use of the deck. Is it intended to be a quiet out of the way retreat or a gathering place for entertaining? And, of course, the only thing better than a well crafted deck, is a screened in porch.