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Having a bathroom that’s light and airy can brighten your mornings as you get ready for your day, or sooth your evenings as you relax and rest. Incorporating some of these design elements can do the trick!

  • Mirrors serve an obvious function in your bathroom, but can also help visually expand perceived space. If, for example, the mirror over your sink extends to a ceiling or adjacent perpendicular wall, it can seem to double the size of your bathroom. Mirrors also reflect light. The more natural light in the space, the more cheery & bright it becomes.
  • If possible, have at least one window or skylight in your bathroom. Soft natural light will make your bathroom more peaceful and enjoyable.
  • Depending on the needs of your bathroom (whether it’s completely private or a shared bathroom) design to include half-walls or glass partitions instead of full walls. This really opens up the space. An example of this idea is a seamless glass partition for your shower.
  • Adding creative storage space is a must, and ensures that your bathroom countertops remain uncluttered. This storage space should be functionally located near the sink or shower. It could include built-in nooks or cubbies, or open shelves. These take up less visual and physical space than cabinetry and allow for custom sized spaces to fit shampoo, soap, hand towels, or anything you might need quick access to.
  • Focus on details, just like in your kitchen. It’s the small touches that can liven up the space and add character. These details can shine through in floor tile, wall tile, cabinetry, or fixtures.

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