1. Sustainability: Cork flooring is made from the Bark that is harvested from the Cork Tree (Quercus Suber), which regenerates after the harvest. The bark can be re-harvested every 9-10 years without damaging the tree. Regulated forests, mainly in Spain &Portugal, are the producers for the cork industry. Unlike bamboo, cork is a true green building choice.

2. Rot Resistant: Whether you use cork as your subfloor or main floor covering, if properly sealed/finished, the flooring will not rot, mold or mildew. Water-based seal/finishing such as urethane are recommended. Cork is great for bathrooms, kitchens and wine bottles. It is a great choice for both new custom homes and remodeling projects.

3. Insulator: Cork is a wonderful insulator. It is warm in the winter and cool in the hot summers that we have in Bryan and College Station.

4. Comfort: Cork has ‘give’. It comfortable and easy on the back and knees. It is much more forgiving of things dropped than tile.

5. Dent Resistant: Similarly, cork has ‘memory,’ and will return to its previous form if a heavy object asserts pressure.

6. Durability: Cork is extremely durable. Durability is usually the first concern that people raise when considering cork because it feels soft, like it would wear easily. But because of its natural properties it is very durable. In fact cork was used for years in high-traffic commercial settings before becoming popular in homes. It is even fire resistant.

7. Acoustics: Cork has more sound deadening ability than most woods allowing for clean soft sound.

8. Healthy: Cork does not have toxic off-gassing VOCs. It has natural insect repellent and anti-microbial properties.

9. Maintenance: The easy maintenance is another benefit of cork flooring. A damp mop is all that it takes.

10. Beauty: Cork is a unique and beautiful wood that comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors. It has the characteristic warm feel of other woods. It can also be inlaid to create interesting patterns.