Your Impact on Energy Use: Tip #2 Light Updates

Before we get into today’s tip, let’s take one more look at the percentages of energy use in an average home: 29% Heating

17% Cooling

14% Water Heating

13% Appliances

12% Lighting

4% Electronics

11% Other (external power adapters, telephones, set up boxes, ceiling fans, vent fans, home audio, ovens, microwaves, small appliances etc. Basically all the little things plugged in around your home)

How can you affect that 12% of Lighting energy use?

Tip #2 Light Updates: Reducing your overall energy use where lighting is concerned is as easy as changing your lighting – update to energy efficient fixtures and get rid of those incandescents! Also, turn off lights in rooms when they aren’t in use and utilize natural daylight during the day instead of electric lighting.

We have a whole section on lighting in our blog with helpful information. So, check it out if you have questions about what kind of lights are most efficient, or if you want to learn more about daylighting.