Three Why’s Behind Green Building

There are lots of reasons to consider bringing green techniques and ideas into your new home design or your existing home’s remodel. A lot of times the most discussed ones are about saving money or saving the planet—but, today we’d like to focus on three that center on what green building really comes down to: improving your quality of life!

  1. Health -- Whether it’s through increasing daylight that comes into rooms, better connecting the interior of your home to the natural environment, or improving proper ventilation and temperature control, green home design has your well-being and happiness at heart. With it, you can truly make your home a refuge.
  2. Function – Green building ideas and design focus on maximizing the function of space and minimizing materials and waste. This helps you get the most out of your home, making each space usable, comfortable, and enjoyable.
  3. Longevity – Another part of green home design is focusing on sustainability or making your home maintainable for the future—which makes it maintainable for you in the present! Examples of ideas promoting longevity are water collection/reuse, and the use of local building materials.

Health, Function, & Longevity interconnect and are dependent upon each other, making them all essential to incorporate in green design. Conscious design (that maximizes efficiency and incorporates quality, environmentally friendly materials and products) helps to bring these three characteristics into your home and your family’s lifestyle.