Outdoor Kitchens: Adding to the Basics

Now that you have started your outdoor kitchen, you can start your outside kitchen by creating cooking and food prep areas. With these elements plus an outdoor seating or dining area, you’re all set to enjoy a meal in the outdoors. But, there are some other things you might consider adding to your outdoor kitchen. You’ll definitely want shade for your outdoor kitchen, especially if you’re using it in the summer here in the Brazos Valley. You can utilize an existing covered porch if you have it, add a pergola, or buy a large umbrella. Your choice will reflect the frequency of use of your outdoor kitchen. If you plan to use the space a lot, you’ll probably want to invest more into it.

Adding a water line allows you to have a sink. You can also have a small fridge if electricity is run as well. A dishwasher will require the addition of hot water, which can get pricy. If you don’t want any of these amenities in your outdoor kitchen, think about using a rolling island or cart to bring cooking supplies and clean or dirty dishes to and from your indoor and outdoor kitchen. Don’t ever be afraid to think outside the box to add simplicity and function to your design.

Having a fireplace in your outdoor kitchen may seem like a crazy idea here in Bryan-College Station (mainly because of our hot summers), but it can allow your kitchen to be used and enjoyed when the weather turns cold. It can also be a great place to make s’mores as a family! You can choose a built fireplace or a portable fire pit, depending on the size and budget of your outdoor kitchen.

As an overall rule, use materials that will weather well for all your outdoor kitchen needs (from your table to your umbrella to your grill). This will help make it an enjoyable and sustainable spot with less replacement and maintenance!