More Kitchen Storage Creativity

Today’s blog builds upon the kitchen de-cluttering ideas of Friday’s post, and will hopefully get you geared up for finding those underutilized areas of your kitchen that can be harnessed for maximum functionality. Even if you have a large kitchen, these ideas can help keep it open, organized, and original.

  • If you have wasted vertical space is some of your base cabinets, you can add a pull out surface for cutting boards or small kitchen tools.
  • Add shallow shelving above kitchen windows or beneath overhead cabinets for quick access and storage. These can hold anything from spices to measuring cups, or even your quirky kitchen collectables.
  • Tuck drawers or shelving below window seats or on the walls of your eat-in area. One window banquet we turned up while researching for this blog had shelving hidden in the back of it!
  •  If you want to incorporate a small office area in your kitchen, you could also hide your necessities (such as a laptop or paper and pen) in a pull out drawer. Another idea is a pull down desktop that can blend in with the rest of your cabinetry.

Take a look at this collection of projects and images from Fine Home Building for more inspiration. And share your ideas with us! What clever, function-adding ideas have you dreamed up for your kitchen?


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