Maximizing Storage Space in Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets and countertops seem to be magnets for clutter, especially in small kitchens where there isn’t a lot of space. The following are kitchen storage ideas that make use of sometimes underutilized space to help you organize clutter. Implementing some of these in your kitchen design can leave you with a functional kitchen you’re proud to call your own.

  • Shelving, shelving, shelving! You can put open shelving in a lot of places in your kitchen that otherwise is left as unused. Some locations include in corners (you might find shelving more functional and less bulky than corner cabinets), on the backs of breakfast bars or islands, and along the side of the fridge.
  • If you don’t want to use extra wall space for shelving or more cabinetry, use it as hanging space for pots, pans, or utensils, even measuring cups. This gives you a convenient place for these items and also turns them into art for your kitchen.
  • Go upwards! Instead of having soffits, extend cabinets or shelving in your kitchen all the way to the ceiling. This creates storage that’s high up and that can be difficult to reach, but it makes an ideal place for things you don’t use frequently.
  • Have full extension drawers so that you can use all the space your drawers have to offer. Having drawer cabinets in addition to door cabinets may help you to maximize your storage options. You can have drawers that are shallow for spices or deep drawers for pots or roll out trash & recycle bins. Having drawer dividers to organize flatware or other cooking utensils also helps you make the best use of drawer storage and makes it easy to find what you need quickly.
  • Utilize the backs of your cabinet doors for hanging storage, racks, or shelving. You’ll need to make sure there’s enough space for your doors to still close, and that whatever you’re planning on storing isn’t too heavy for the door hinges to support.
  • If you’re still in need of more space, use freestanding storage in or near your kitchen. This can be open or closed storage, depending on what you decide to store in it. You could also use this storage as a message center for mail, grocery lists, etc.

Mixing and matching these ideas for the redesign or design of your kitchen can create storage space that you need where you need it.

This blog was inspired by a Better Homes and Garden picture gallery – be sure to check it out here for more ideas.


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