Creating a Healthy, Happy Home Environment (Part 6)

RISK 10: AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS During the blistering summers, we thank our lucky stars that air conditioning has become a staple in our homes. However, as air circulates through a home it can bring along unwanted passengers – namely infectious respiratory diseases, dust, and fungi. It can even spur and spread microorganism growth. The regular changing of filters for your air conditioning system can reduce and even prevent the spread of bacteria and small particles. After each replacement, make sure to mark in memorable spot, such as your family calendar, the future date you need to change your filter.

To prevent the growth of microorganisms which can lead to illness, have the cooling tower of your system treated with chlorine before the beginning of cooling season. This treatment should involve the cleaning of any growth or corrosion from water condensing on the system’s pipes, as well as the cleaning of circulating water.

Read our blog post about increasing indoor air quality for more tips about how to improve air in your home. And remember, as tempting as it is to crank up your air conditioning when it gets hot outside, your lungs and your wallet will thank you if you keep the temperature moderate instead of frigid. Drastic temperature and humidity change negatively affects our respiratory systems.