Bathroom Design: Powder Rooms

Your powder room is probably the smallest room in your home. As such, it has even more need to be designed with thought and ingenuity! Here are some ways to make your powder room more comfortable and functional.

  • Sometimes the ceiling height in your powder room feels exaggerated and too high because it’s such a small space. To bring the ceiling height down, install a molding at countertop height, sink height, or windowsill height. This brings a more comfortable human scale to the room and also adds a nice depth of detail.
  • The placement of your powder room is essential as you want users of the room to have privacy. Locate the powder room in a convenient spot in your home depending on your needs. Some common locations are near the back door, close to the front entry, or off of the main living areas.
  • Try not to have the powder room door directly in view from living spaces in your home. Also, hide the toilet so that it’s not the first thing you see when you enter the powder room or when the door is left open.
  • Natural light in your powder room can really cheer up the space. If your powder room doesn’t have an exterior wall, a clerestory or high window (above standing eye level) can be utilized to glean light from an adjoining room such as your living area, or other bathroom. When discreetly done, this is a nice addition to the space.
  • Having a mirror in your powder room is not only functional but also helps the room feel larger and full of light. Make sure the mirror is placed at a good height so guests won’t have to strain to use it.
  • Be sure there is ample storage space in your powder room. You’ll need a place for hand towels and extra toilet paper rolls. Storage can be as large as a linen closet or as small as cubbies around your mirror or window—it all depends on your space, your needs, and your style.
  • If your bathroom fixtures need updating, select low flow options as replacements. These will help you conserve water and save money on your water bills.
  • The materials for your powder room should be easy to clean and maintain. Choosing, for example, tile flooring instead of carpeting allows you to quickly mop up. Don’t forget to include green and sustainable materials in your list of choices. Powder rooms are small and therefore might seem insignificant, but they are a great way to begin incorporating green design into your home.


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